Wut meme gif version…

I turned it into a gif… because… I thought it needed to move. XD

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When the stupidity is too high and you have no other words…

I watched the anime One Punch Man for the first time last night. I saw this one scene and thought it would be perfect for a meme, so I took a screen shot and redrew it.  I have a feeling I’ll be using it a lot when dealing with stupid people…

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Zephyr Warframe Concept Update

Update for the Zephyr design I am working on. The Korax helmet, is what I decided to call it, because the Greek word for Raven apparently is “Korax”.

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Warframe “Silk” Concept Art

A rough concept art design I created for the game Warframe. You can find this image in my Digital art gallery. I might update it and add more detail one day, but I drew this for an article so… meh.

I’ll share the link to the article down in the comments when it goes live.

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