A Poem, a year in the making…

It didn’t actually take me a year to write this, maybe just a few minutes. The original poem was very short, maybe about ten to fifteen seconds long. It was first written a couple of years ago for fun as a New Years poem. Continue reading “A Poem, a year in the making…”


A cup of coffee Watercolor Painting

My latest watercolor painting. I will start a new gallery and pin it to the home page now that I have two completed paintings. I’ll add more in the future. Any suggestions for what I should do next? :3

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Watercolor painting Live stream! (1/20/16)

I might do another live stream watercolor painting tonight… Follow me on Google + for details and updates! You can comment below as well if you have any questions.

Keep in mind that I am still a beginner and this will only be my second watercolor painting. If I have time I’ll try to do it around 10:00 PM EST. Just join the Hangouts live stream and you can watch me paint…. I think that is all. See you there. 😀