A Poem, a year in the making…

It didn’t actually take me a year to write this, maybe just a few minutes. The original poem was very short, maybe about ten to fifteen seconds long. It was first written a couple of years ago for fun as a New Years poem. I decided to take all my little video clips I recorded on my cellphone from various times during the year 2015, and turn it into a video and a longer poem.

You can read the original poem I wrote, as well as my collection of past poems by following the provided link. And with that, I shall leave you to watch my newest creation. The words to the poem are below the video. Enjoy.


~A tale of seasons- The Cycle Of Life~
~The clouds part, sun comes out. Seeds bud, crops spring, and flowers bloom.
Rain pours, scattered showers, grab an umbrella, go out and dance, make splashing towers.
The wildlife flourishes as life sprouts, a baby fawn hops about.
Dew sprinkles the ground, a fog rises in the early morning, sip on your coffee, watch natures bounty, in all God’s glory.
Water flows, ponds expand. The sun shines, birds fly, soaring through the air and singing up high.
Deers graze, the foxes prey, the cheerful little creatures come out to play.
Go outside, take a walk, enjoy the weather, bump into people to say “How do you do” and “have a nice day”.
Cool days are left behind, warm sunshine is now all you’ll find.
Scorching hot weather, sun so bright, what a surprising delight.

Green grass, green leaves, green meadows filled with colorful flowers as far as the eye can see.
Moms come out to garden, dads cut the grass.
Do you smell that? That’s the fresh smell of petrichor, filling the air.
Ice cream trucks play their jolly tunes in the distance, laughter, screams and cheers galore, as children hear that their favorite cold treat draws near.
Summer weather, sand between your toes, relaxing on the beach sipping on mojitos.
Kids running and playing, birds singing in the air. Maybe visit the county fair, go for a bike ride, an adventure, enjoy life without a care.
Families in their backyard, cooking on the grill, burgers ribs, a few hot dogs too.
Past generations finally get together, for a reunion long overdo.
Take your family fishing, go for a swim, the waters fine, jump right in…

Wind picks up, clouds move in…
Summer has passed, Autumn is here.
I guess that means we’re one step closer to the New Year.
The leaves have fallen down, red, golden and brown.
Look at all the wonderful people, bundled up in coats and scarves, walking around town. Bright colors of oranges and yellows fill the grass.
Rake the leaves into a big pile, jump in and play for awhile.
Pumpkins are carved to make Jack-o lanterns, placed on the doorstep to scare away ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.
Spooky decorations scattered here, sprinkled there. Kids dressed in costume, knocking on doors for the neighbor to give a bit of candy to share.
Take a trip to the orchard. Eat your favorite snacks; caramel apples, candy corn, donuts too. Drink some warm cider and pull your jacket tighter.
The trees are now barren and empty, not a single leaf left in sight.
It won’t be long now until we have a snow covered night.
Winter is coming, the cold is near. Stay close to your loved ones by the warm fire, and let them know that you hold them dear.
Cold nights, snow storms, and ice crystals.
Wake up in the morning and watch the snow as it glistens and sparkles.
Snow angels, sledding and snow ball fights.
Christmas caroler’s come out to sing, bright lights that shine with a radiant gleam.
Large trees surrounded by Santa statues.
Red stockings, and reindeer, its that time of the year to spread some cheer.
Big dinners and celebrations that last all day, families eat together, say grace, giving thanks for everything they have as they pray.
Gifts are given, families gather near. I guess we start all over again, to wish you a happy new year.
The snow melts, temperatures rise. Put away your winter gear.
Now go back, and start again, because Spring… is now officially here.~


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