New Watercolor Painting. (Grass Fields)

I had an idea floating around in my head… so I decided to pluck it out and put it on paper.

Although, I wish I had a digital camera. At the moment I am taking pictures using my cellphone and my webcam for recording, but they don’t capture all the colors correctly because they aren’t very high quality.

Regardless, I am happy with my newest painting. I just made this one late last night. You can watch the Time lapse version at the bottom of this post. Also, the finished product in the video is different from what you see at the start. After the painting dried I wasn’t happy with the way the colors blended together, so I went over it again for the sky, grass, and left tree so that it all blended evenly. This is my third Watercolor painting. I will also add it in my Paintings gallery soon.


Third Tree Field painting


Time Lapse-


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