Capturing The Tears From Heaven

It rained the other day, I decided to capture it…

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The Super Cool Adventures Of Macro Frog!

#Art #Nature #Photography

Testing out the macro capabilities of my Nikon L620. The zoom isn’t as great as I would like, and the focus is slow… but I’ll be able to work with this for now until I get the money to get a better one. I took several more shots, so I’ll be posting those up throughout the week. For those of you here in ‘Murica, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.


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Painting Pieces…

I haven’t really been feeling very well recently…

But I’m not really the type to paint or draw depressing art (poetry on the other hand is different…)

Nothing special. Just a simple watercolor painting I did last night. I might experiment with a more runny-watery look in the future.

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Heart Of A Dragon, Hair Like A Lion, Eye Of The Tiger

I bought a new (used) Nikon L620 digital camera and I decided to test it out to see how it worked. My rechargable batteries I ordered are still in the mail, so I walked over to the dollar store to pick up a pack. On my way home I took a few test pictures, I share a few of them down below. And yes, the header image is me with my fluffy hair. If I blow dry it out I look just like a lion! :3

Anyways, all photos posted on the site will be from this camera from now on. I’ll give it a good testing over the weekend and post the pictures up when I get a chance.

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Reflections And Misconstructions

#Art #Photography #Photo #Pictures #Light #Reflections

Hmmmm… I was playing around with different angles, light, and shooting objects in an unorthodox manner for a contest on Viewbug, just trying to get creative and find something different.

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A Slice of Home

#Art #Photography #Pie #Food

My mom and sister made a homemade blueberry pie from scratch over the weekend… it was delicious! However, the wolves ran in and ravaged it before I could take a picture of it, so I only have shots of half a pie. RIP pie… you were delicious…. 😦

More on my photography gallery page!

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