Missing In Action – A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Where have I gone? What have I been doing? Why are there no new posts?!?!

Well, I’ve been very busy with life and other projects, however… I have some new content for you, my humans!

So, my mom bought a new Windows Phone, and oddly enough it has a REALLY nice camera. I borrowed it (stole it) for a little while and tested it out and took some pretty decent pictures with it. As a result, I have decided to buy a digital camera to start my own collection of an amateur  photography gallery. What about my other art and projects? I will still be doing paintings and drawings, but I have no inspiration for them at the moment, so I will get back to that when I feel like it.

I’ll try to do a photograph picture a day until I run out of pictures to share. There will be a new Photography gallery of pictures as well on the main home page. First up, I have this picture of a flower I captured. I did both a normal color shot, and a black and white version. Other than turning it black and white, I did not use any other enhancements or alterations to the photographs, that goes for all future pictures as well.

More to come in the future!


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