Clever Angles: Win Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D800 Giveaway contest

First, I am NOT giving away the camera or holding the contest, this cool website called is behind it, I just thought to share in case you guys want to enter too.

Plus, if you follow the above link you help me out with more entries, and if I win… that means more fancy content on my site!

Here is how to win the fancy camera (valued at over $2,000 USD):

Step One: Follow the above link to sign up to the site.

Step Two: Follow this link here to read about the contest rules and submit your photo entries. For this contest, they want one with clever angles.

Step Three: Invite more people for a chance to earn more contest entries, which will give you a higher chance of being selected as winner.

Come on fellow photographers, let’s show them what we’ve got!

The winner will win either the Canon 5D MK III camera body or  a Nikon D800 camera body (your choice).

You can view my submissions by following this link here and view my profile page. Follow me!

The contest ends June 27th, 2016. Good luck to all who enter! 😀



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