Flowers: Blurred lines

I’ve been playing around with camera settings and teaching myself how to adjust the shutter speed, aperture settings, ISO, and using manual focus.

For all those  pros out there, you probably know how to do this, but I am just getting started, and adjusting all of this can be tricky, especially on a digital camera as I have to pull the menu down and toggle all the little buttons. I think it would be so much easier if I had a camera with physical buttons and settings I could adjust and manipulate quickly to get the settings I want.

I also took a few pictures of some wild mushrooms, attempting to get a macro shot. A small fly landed on the mushroom, the camera went out of focus for a split second, and I tried to adjust it, and by the time I got the lens to focus again the fly had flown away, leaving a boring macro shot of a dull mushroom in the wild. I’ll upload those tomorrow for you to look at. For now, take a look at the below flower. The goal was to blur the background out of focus, while the flower was the centerpiece to draw your eye to all its detail. There are more pictures of this flower in my Photography Gallery.

flower shot1



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