Reflections And Misconstructions

#Art #Photography #Photo #Pictures #Light #Reflections

Hmmmm… I was playing around with different angles, light, and shooting objects in an unorthodox manner for a contest on Viewbug, just trying to get creative and find something different.

I took several pictures of my chandelier, but the first few I fudged up with the ISO and shutter speed settings and it created this really weird dark effect.

Although I messed up the shot, I oddly kind of like the way it looks with the light and shadows and the contrast with the reflections.

My family told me to retake the shots because you can also see the dust building up, but I personally liked that the camera was able to pick up such fine details at such a close range without losing focus. I took several more pictures similar to the ones here and posted them on my Photography Gallery page. Go take a look?


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