Two Of A Kind, With A Side OF Bokeh

For those of you that don’t know, Bokeh is a technique to blur out the background, while  keeping the subject in question in focus.

I’ve been practicing on how to do this with my camera without digitally editing the pictures. You can see a good example of this with the Dandelion and the close up shot of the two flowers.

In other news, I entered another photography contest on Viewbug called “Two Of A Kind”. It is so fun looking for different objects to snap, or changing my  perspective to look at the world in a different way. It is like a scavenger hunt so that I can fufill the requirements for each contest. “Two of a kind”? “Right down the middle”? “Nature in motion”? “Colorsplash”? “Visual Poetry”?

I now see something simple that the average person would pass up and go “That would make an amazing picture!”

I took a lot of photos, so I’ll be sharing them on my site in the days to come, as well as  a few older shots I took in the past. Even if I don’t win any of the contests, I have already learned A LOT just by participating.


5 thoughts on “Two Of A Kind, With A Side OF Bokeh

    1. Yep, thank you! I like playing around with camera settings to see what works and what doesn’t. Do you have a photography gallery that is just dedicated to pictures you took by any chance? Or is that not your thing?

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      1. Thanks, Ash. I am on Flickr but I made most of my uploads private so as to not preempt my posts. A blurry one is on my about me page. The one with the wood floor at the end of the essay. It was taken on my first outing with my Canon Powershot. It was on auto but needn’t have been.

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      2. Oooh, I see. That makes sense. My camera can only shoot in auto, which sucks, but I make it work! If you ever post more of your photos, please let me know. I like looking at other people’s art.

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      3. Thank you so much, Ash. I am happy to hear that. I mostly take photos of my artwork but if anything else crops up, I’ll be sure to let you know. xo


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