I Need Test Readers For My Guitar Book! Get It Free!

My guitar book is becoming a real boy! Well… not a boy, but a real book…

You probably noticed on the right sidebar that I had my book there in the past, but before it was just a PDF you could download through Paypal, etc. Originally I had written out several hundred articles over the years back when I was writing freelance to review guitar products and teach beginners how to play the guitar. I took all that knowledge and those articles, and combined it all into one comprehensive book. My goal was to make it as easy as possible for beginners.

(If you are wondering about the title Anu Kind Of View, it is from my old blog site I used to write on)

Now, I have gone through the Blurb website to self publish it. This means that if you click on that fancy button on the right, it will take you to the store page to order a physical copy of the book.


I didn’t just take the old version of my PDF and post it up, I went through and edited it all and changed the format, as well as adding in new content and fixed the wording to make sure the lessons and book is clear for complete beginners to understand and follow.

I don’t have the money to hire proof readers, editors, and a fancy team to help me out to fix flaws, so I spent the last year and a half writing it out, proof reading it, and editing the format so that it would be compatible to fit into book format and on digital book readers (like the Kindle).

However… after reading my own book for months… over and over again, my eyes have become accustomed to the text and I no longer see the flaws and grammar issues!

That is where you (My followers) come in!

For 48 hours, this link to my eBook PDF will allow you to download and read my Guitar eBook for free. If you like it, share my store page on the right sidebar with your friends and family and spread the word! You can comment below to tell me about any flaws you find or if you like the book as is. Any changes made won’t be fixed for this current version of the book (due to the way they process it), but I will get around to making adjustments for future copies (like a hardcover edition).

If you would like to purchase the physical version of the book you can visit my store page here:


You will pretty much be teaching yourself at home, but I have created a series of daily chapters and lessons that will teach you the basics and help you to get started. In total, there will be about 26 lessons ( about 70 pages) or so to help you get through the first five weeks of playing the guitar and teaching you all the fundamental basics to perfect your technique. It includes a few pictures, illustrations, sheet music, and a couple of resources at the end of the book to help you to continue to learn how to play the guitar.

I tried my best to get the cost low and reasonable, so for those of you that decide to purchase it you can get it for $8.01 + SH.

I put a lot of time and effort into writing this, so hopefully you will enjoy it. This will be the first of many books that I will publish, so there are many more to come in the future. Stay tuned!

Thank you! 😀





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