Second Shot: The Miracle Girl Adorah

#Art #Painting #Speedpainting  #Watercolor

You can see more on my hand drawn art page and the other in my Watercolor paintings page. You can watch the Speed painting video at the bottom of this page.

I’ve decided to do a new series called “Second Shot” Where I either take a reshoot of a picture or redraw an older picture to make it better. I haven’t done any concept art for awhile, so I picked up my pencils and went to work.

This one is for an original character named Adorah Silvertongue, The Miracle Girl. She is a character for a Fantasy medieval book I am writing. The original was done several years ago with Crayola color pencils, this new one was done with watercolor paint. I don’t have black for my watercolors so I had to make due with brown… I suppose I could have used shades of blue as well…

Anyways, which do you prefer?




Recent paintings have a lot of red… maybe next I should do something different… something new… perhaps I’ll paint something a little bit… blue… 😉


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