Photo Contests Top 10: Moving Up The Ranks!

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My weekly stats for Viewbug have come in, and I’m slowly but surely moving up! Help me reach the top and take the prize!

Moving up!

As you can see from the above image, I am slacking behind in a few contests,  but for the bright and colorful I have reached the top 30%, I am in the top 20% for the battle of amateurs, and I have reached the top 10% for the visual poetry contest!

Please click on the below pictures to vote and help me move closer to the finals!

Sharing on Social Media helps a lot as well! 

HDR Landscapes

tree sky mk 2


Visual Poetry photo 1

A lone path

Visual Poetry photo 2

Decay with time 1

Bright And Colorful

A Colorful Flower 1


Battle Of Amateurs

tree sky1

Only members can  vote, so if you haven’t joined already you can sign up here.

Thank you all for reading, viewing, sharing, and voting this far. 😀



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