My Book Photoshoot – A bit Of Clean Modeling

#Art #Photography #Book

Back when I had nothing but my cellphone camera and big ambitions, I decided to write my own beginner guitar book…

I started writing it, but I also knew I would eventually need to market it and have a cover photo. So, I went to work. I set my phone’s camera on a timer, set up a small area in my room, and started taking a variety of pictures, then asked my friends and family which ones they liked the best. The one that received the most likes became the cover photo for my new beginner guitar book. I just ordered the physical copy of it, so you can see how it turned out in the below video. The book is now for sale, so you can follow the provided link to check it out (it is newly listed, so it might take awhile for it to show up on Amazon Books).

Take a look at all the pictures below the video to see all the other pictures that didn’t make the cut… maybe I’ll use them for future books? 😉



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