Learning To Compose With HDR Images

#Art #Photography #HDR

For those that don’t know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, my camera actually can’t do it, but I have just discovered that my photo editing program can!

So for those of you who follow my posts, I had entered an HDR photo competition but explained that I actually had no idea what HDR was… and thus, I didn’t do very well in that contest. I tried searching the internet, but the explanation was long winded and confusing. Then I discovered a special HDR button tucked away on my photo editing software and clicked on it and…. VOILA! A simple explanation that explains it. Certain digital cameras have HDR built into them, but mine does not, so I have to digitally make HDR photos. Not all of my test photos came out the way I wanted, but take a look down below to see some of my test HDR pictures.

hdr explanation


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