By the lakeside…

#art #photography #Water #Lake

I’m not sure which one I like better, so I’ll share both. Something about that glare reflection off the top of the roof makes it beautiful.


On a side note, a few more contests are open for voting on Viewbug, so those of you who are interested, follow the provided link to vote for your favorites. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “By the lakeside…

  1. If you get another chance, going three – going, going further, gone – shots would look magical. That car’s shape is really cute. It looks kind it popped out of a classic film.


    1. Three shots of the same car would have been cool! But sadly, it was moving so fast this was the only shot I managed to get of it. I’m surprised there was no motion blur. The lake is just down the street from me ,so maybe I’ll do a “Second Shot” and try again.

      My sister said she liked the car in the photo because it made the entire thing look a bit European.

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      1. I would have thought so, too, as there’s something Scottish lake about it. Quite charming. If you use a tripod and set the timer, the camera will do three captures in quick succession with zero hand shake.


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