Busy And Baby Bluejays!

Ahoy there strangers! Gather closer and let me speak onto thy ear!

I have been away for awhile working on various projects so I haven’t been uploading as many pictures. But I am back now!

A few people have mentioned that my website makes their browser and computer move slow, so I have been resizing all of the pictures into a smaller format so that the website will load faster. I’m not done yet, but I’m about halfway finished with that. I should have optimized the website for speed from the beginning but I was lazy…. :/

All of the original sized pictures can be found on my Viewbug Profile page.

In other news! My sister and I went out for a walk and found a baby bluejay walking on the ground. Apparently it tried to fly but didn’t quite make it. I wanted to help it either get back in the tree or take it home until it was strong enough to fly, but my sister told me not to. I was afraid he wouldn’t last the night because we have a lot of cats in our area and the sun was already setting. :/

I went for a jog today and saw no blue feathers scattered about, so I’ll assume the little guy found safety and was eventually able to fly. That’s all for today folks! I’ll share more pictures of baby blue throughout the week. So, how was your weekend? 😀

baby blue 3


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