Animation: Progress… Slow but steady Progress….

#Art #Animation

A little more progress for my animation. This time I paint dumped it to make it a bit easier for you guys to see because I know line art is difficult to watch. You can see more on my Animation projects page to see how this all progresses.

I want to work on the glaive spinning animation a bit more, and add more motion blur to make it look like a helicopter spinning, but so far I am happy with it. There is one more sequence I need to draw now with this animation to complete it, then I move on to adding detail, and proper color so that it will look like the original character concept design.I have been recording my progress as well, so you will be able to see a timelapse speed animation video when I am done (assuming everything goes as planned).

PS. The site was moving REALLY slow, so I removed my animated banner at the top. It is still on my banners and logos page, but the static banner should help with load times. :/

Running Animation 3



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