Color vs Black And White

#BlackAndWhite #Color #Art #Photography #Cars

Which do you prefer?

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Second Shot: I went Full HD!

#Art #Illustration #DigitalArt #Animation

I made this for my Profile page, I wanted something with a bit more detail. Check out the before and after animations. 😀

More can be found on both my Digital Art page and my Animated GIF gallery page.

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Spikey Flower Thing With A Bee

#Bee #Nature #Flower #Wildlife

I have’t been posting as much photography pictures lately, so here’s a bee for you guys.  More are on my Viewbug page with original sizes.

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This Is How I Make Animations… And You Can Too! (video demo)

Don’t have the money to go to fancy animation schools like Gobelins school in France? Well, you are in luck! This is how I make my animations, watch the two videos below to see how I do it and how you can also get into animating without spending thousands of dollars going to animation school.

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Animation Project: Adding Detail…

*Sigh* I just finished this now. The first running sequence now has a bit of detail… I also made a video so you can see how I made it all, I’ll post that up later in the week after I finish the glaive spinning animation detail.

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