This Is How I Make Animations… And You Can Too! (video demo)

Don’t have the money to go to fancy animation schools like Gobelins school in France? Well, you are in luck! This is how I make my animations, watch the two videos below to see how I do it and how you can also get into animating without spending thousands of dollars going to animation school.

Save up your money and just buy a few drawing and animation programs instead. Watch my two videos below and see how I do it. If you have any questions, just ask!

I made this video a few years ago but re-uploaded it to YouTube as a demonstration tutorial after some people asked me how I make my content. It will teach you the basics, then watch the second video to see how I put these skills to use.


The second video shows a more detailed animation project I am working on (which my subscribers have probably seen in the past). You can see more by clicking on my Animation Projects tab at the top of the site to see how I progress with that project, or just watch the below video!

Just like saving money with car insurance, you can see how I animate in just 15 minutes or less! 😀



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