I’m proud to Announce: The Curious Misadventures of…. (Proof Of Concept)

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The first original concept art for my children book series I’m working on, titled-

The Curious Misadventures Of The Spectacular Fennec Fox!

I felt like my last several drawings haven’t really showcased my skills for illustrating and drawing, so I decided to spend a bit more time on this one to really show off my talent and what I can do.

Fennec Fox First Concept art mk
Click To Enlarge.

This idea has been floating around my head for a few years now so I decided to finally get around to drawing it and writing it out (but it still needs more work).

So what’s the book about? The story was inspired by the adventures of Tintin, Indiana Jones, the Uncharted game series, and British humor. Which means, the story will be filled with humor, action and of course, a ton of adventure!

I’ll tell you more in the future, but for now I’ll cover the basics. The main three character’s names are as follows:

  • Our main hero Fennec Fox. He hates being called a mouse!
  • Fennec’s best friend Casey Cat, who Fennec may or may not have romantic feelings for…
  • And their good friend, Professor “old man” Oliver Owl.

Fennec has uncovered a secret and is now going on a grand adventure to recover the ultimate treasure to turn his bad luck around, but the cunning Winston Wolf also has his eyes set on the same treasure and plans on getting his paws on it first… however…. things aren’t quite as they seem… 😉

The main concept is that it will be a book for parents to read to their young children, with the overall moral story focusing on teamwork and the consequences of greed.

So far, I have about four books planned out for the series – each featuring a new adventure (but continuing the overall main story-arc). The series will be staring the cast in the above picture. I’ll keep you guys updated about the project in the future as it progresses. 😀


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