Support me on Patreon please? :3

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Support me on Patreon please? Click the above image to go to my page! Read below for details.

So I’ve been gone for awhile because I’ve been hard at work with some new projects that I’m working on so I haven’t been posting as much content here (those will be posted soon).

I’m launching my new Patreon page so that I can spend more time drawing, animating, and just creating higher quality content. The drawings and animations you’ve seen recently have all be done in about a day or two, but sometimes the quality suffers because of that. I can’t spend more time on them if it interferes with work (unless I spend months on a single project).

With extra income dedicated purely for art, I can spend more time doing what I love to create better content. I have several ideas floating around in my head, I just need the time and money to make them come to life. You have already seen my concept art for my original characters, but you don’t yet know their stories.

I have several goals I would like to reach on my Patreon page, some of these goals are to help me get better gear to create more quality content – such as a drawing tablet or a better DSLR camera, and other goals are for the exact projects themselves, such as a web comic series, animated short film, or an illustrated novel.

In the future, I might also take requests from the community if they would like me to create specific content upon request, but first I need to build my audience a bit more to get recognized by the internet and make a name for myself by creating more content.

If you guys are interested in Supporting me on Patreon, just follow the provided link.

I have the money set up per project instead of monthly, that way you know exactly where all the money is going and what it will be used for.  The money used from Patreon will be used to buy the items in my Amazon Wishlist.

Since I haven’t done photography in awhile, here’s a few close up shots of a wild bunny. Fun fact, I was standing pretty much about this close away from it while it was eating, and it didn’t seem to care; he just kept on nibbling the grass minding his own business. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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