A Picture For A Friend…

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I’ve been busy these past few weeks! My friend asked me to draw her a picture, so this is what I made for her.

My friend and fellow blogger, who goes by the name Kamila on her website Polyglotsdiary.com, wanted me to make a cartoon version of herself, but not too realistic. I attempted to draw several pictures but she didn’t like those very much, and instead wanted me to simply outline her photo she sent me and “cartoonerize” it, so that is exactly what I did. Simply making black outlines wasn’t enough though because her hair looked like a mess that way, so I redrew it so that it would fit in with the cartoon theme and really make the piece come together.

I’ve been practicing drawing more realistic pictures (with more detail then the shown image), so I’ll be sharing those soon… but they take a lot of time.

Anyways, follow the above link to check out Kamila’s website, she is a polyglot and knows close to six different languages and helps  beginners out by giving them tips and advice about how to study and practice learning new languages! It’s great, I recommend you check out her blog. I have learned a lot from her. Ahora puedo hablo un poco Español! 😀

bad dancing*Does a little dance*

Kamila artwork mk.jpg


15 thoughts on “A Picture For A Friend…

      1. Hmm…. I wonder if this is an ad? I don’t get this pop-up/redirect. I don’t know what’s causing it. I checked all my widgets, and I can’t use plugins since this is a wordpress.com site. I’ll ask around for help. 😦

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      2. It’s pop up ad/redirect. Definitely caused by a bad script. If you borrowed code and copy pasted for any of the pages on your blog it might have happened. I suggest proofreading pages starting from the day of the incident. Could be embedded in the JavaScript. Flickr does that $¥&€% to me all the time so I trim the code before embedding it into post. Could be the photo sharing competition site with buggy code.


      3. Gaah! Okay. I removed several widgets, the only ones left are the default ones from WordPress.
        Also, all my pictures are being hosted on WordPress itself, I just upload them directly. So if there was some bad code somewhere, it shouldn’t be there anymore. Hopwfully I got rid of it. Everything else would be either on WordPress’ end or buried in your internet cache.
        Can you try clearing your cache and trying again? Maybe it has some old files saved and never refreshed after I made the changes?

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      4. I’m on a different computer (desktop – not at home) and it hung up after a firewall popped up a warning screen and screeched at me. As a result, I was unable to copy the link I was redirected to. It was scary but I’m up and running. So far, there are no infections on my end. I have so far linked to your blog on three different computers – laptop, two desktops in two different locations, which do not belong to me and my iPhone 6s. My cache is always dumped whenever I go offline and I clear everything manually to be sure. I was super careful even before the Google hot mic issue was made public so I assure you, this is actually happening.


      5. I just made an Instagram and have been spam posting there for the past few days! i still have A LOT of art to share. I just don’t like that I can only share from my phone, because all of my art is on my computer. :/

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      6. Every platform has its disadvantages. At least you have some time to test it out and think about how you’d like to proceed. Tumblr is great but very closed off. Yahoo! owns it now and it might fill up your timeline with ads. There are some brilliant artists on there and people will reblog your work if they like it. Flickr, not so much so although Yahoo! will sell your work unless you make it private.


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