LIFE: A Web Comic Series

I’m a writer first…. artist second… See how I drew this in the video below.

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You have no idea how many ideas I have floating around in my head. I could do one project at a time, but if it took me 10 years to finish each project, I’d be dead before any of them are ever completed! So instead, I’ll launch multiple projects at the same time and finish them in parts.

Story Overview

This will be for a long running web comic series called “Life” that I’m working on.  I have ideas for a really dark apocalyptic series. NOT post-apocalyptic, this starts at the beginning of the story and shows how it all goes down following a group of characters trying to survive the chaos that follows. Unlike Fear The Walking Dead, there will be answers and it will actually show the start of the apocalyptic events and the day to day Life of the survivors, starting from Day One.

The story will eventually have an ending, it won’t run on and on forever. I have a story to tell and I already have majority of it planned out, I just need to put it all together so that my followers can actually read it.

Why did I draw Vol 3 cover’s first?

  1. Because I was inspired and had the image in my head and it came naturally.
  2. Because Vol 1’s cover is really boring. I’ll draw it soon though, they don’t take long in this style.

Why I need help

At this point I think it is pretty obvious why I launched my Patreon page because I’m going to need help with funding to get this stuff done. The first book/comic in this series I’ll probably release for free just to give you a taste of what its like, then the others will be paid comics from there. (I’ll have to come up with a price)

When will it release? I’m not sure, maybe sometime in 2017? I’m writing and illustrating it all myself, so it depends on if I get writers block… or art block.

Hopefully it’ll come smoothly. I really want to animate it because I have a lot of cool ideas in my head, but we’ll see how it goes. If the first book does well and I reach my funding goals then I’ll make an animated web comic of the first book. And I don’t mean cheap moving pictures, I’m going to attempt to fully animate it and not just have moving Flash animation style pictures that slide across the screen.

For now, this is going in my Projects Page, you can find that tab at the top of the site.

I want to first finish my other animation I’m working on before I get into my Life Comic series because that will show you guys my skills with animation.

Anyways, I might release them for “free” on my Patreon page to my subscribers so that only they have access to it, and that’ll make it a lot easier for me to upload content, get paid, and not worry about the middle-man and all the politics that comes with publishers. We’ll see when I get there… Anyways, if you guys want to see how I drew this, just take a look at the video at the bottom.




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