(Animation progress) Dat Perspective tho….

#Art #Animation #Drawing #DigitalArt #Illustration

More is on my Patreon page and I’ll be making a new preview gif soon!

Ahaha, can you guess what’s happening in this scene? 😛

Also…. that upskirt shot! Ahaha. Oh yeah, I also paint dumped it black so you could see his legs better.

It’ll only be seen for like half a second (if that), but I decided early on to go for animation quality over drawing quality, so although he might be a bit deformed, I think it’ll look pretty cool when you see it in motion. No gif preview here yet because I want to finish this scene first and compile it all together to be part of the gif, when its done I’ll make a special Patreon page for it. I have another sneak peek image on Patreon that shows the main villain, so if you want spoilers you can check that out as well.

ALSO! New photos! I got some pretty cool shots of a really unique looking bird, so I’ll share the entire gallery for my Patrons, but I’ll post a few here as well and on Viewbug when I get the time. 😛



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