Young Justice Season 3 Officially Confirmed!

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I normally don’t do stuff like this for my blog, but I absolutely loved this show!

For those of you that don’t know, Young Justice was a kid/teen cartoon on the Cartoon Network about the DC Comics sidekicks joining together to create their own Superhero team.

The show went on to gather a HUGE following as it ran for two seasons. Although the show was a major hit, due to the lack of toy sales, Cartoon Network canned the show because they said it wasn’t making profit. For THREE years the fans protested and asked for a new season. Then, Netflix picked up the show and started airing the first two seasons.

Fans gained hope that if Netflix received enough views they may renew it for a third season. Rumors started circulating that there might be a bit of Truth to those rumors. The original team that worked on the show said they would come back and do it if they could get the greenlight… and now!


*Does a happy dance* 😀


Some of you may think that cartoons are just for kids, but it was cartoons like Batman, Superman, X-Men and Pokemon and Digimon that inspired me a lot as a child to start drawing, writing and creating. So I am absolutely hyped that this show can continue. Who knows, it might just inspire someone else to be the next big showrunner of a major hit series. 😉



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