A Queen In The Making – Creating An Animated Short within One Week Challenge

#Art #Animation #Drawing #HowTo #NewYear

Happy New Year’s Eve, and for those of you ahead of me, Happy New Years! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Special Dance Animation Sneak Peek!

#Art #Animation #Drawing #Illustration

If you go to my Patreon page you can see special animations and drawings that I haven’t posted anywhere else.

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Beautiful Ice Crystal + Photo Challenge!

#Art #Photography #Snow #Ice #contest

I entered a photography contest, can you guys vote for my picture please? I took a lot of other pictures for Winter as well, so more snow pictures coming soon! Subscribe and stay tuned for more! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Original Character: “The World’s Greatest Swordsman”

#Art #sketch #drawing #Illustration

Concept art of my original character: Omni Excel. This is a character for my fantasy adventure book series. Support me on Patreon to see more! I’ve decided to write small character bios on Patreon to tell a little about each character.

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Face Practice: Drawing And Watercolor Speed Painting

#Art #Drawing #Watercolor #painting

I decided to continue my practice with drawing faces, then I decided to use that sketch to practice watercolor painting… which is totally hard!

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Face Portrait Drawing Practice

#Drawing #Sketch #Art

I’m practicing drawing faces. I’ll show a comparison just so you can see my progress over the years. Supportย my Patreon as well please.

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A Group Of Random Pikachus Appeared!

#Pokemon #Art #Drawing #Pikachu #PokemonAnneversary

Apparently this year is Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary, so I drew this for fun. :3

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