Happy New Year + A Picture A Day For A Year!

#HappyNewYear #Art #Drawing #Sketch

I’m pushing myself to do a new challenge, one picture a day for an entire year!

My friend and I have declared each other rivals and will push each other towards our goals, perfecting our art and other talents as we strive to make our dreams come true.But at the moment, we feel our current skills needs to increase. She shared a video with me about a guy who drew one picture everyday for an entire year, and it inspired me to try something similar.


I may fall behind a few days as I become busy, but I will attempt to also do one picture everyday for a year. So to start off, another face picture practice drawing. I see the flaws myself, the eyes are too big, I don’t really like the hairline, and noses are dreadful. My goal is to continue to practice faces until I can draw them both quickly and perfectly with very little to no mistakes. So by 2018, we can compare this picture to another face portrait so you can see my progress.

Furthermore, we have decided that within five years time, we want to have a minimum of 1000 fans! So let’s work hard to make our dreams come true. So once again….



I’ll attempt to draw a picture a day, but I may not always upload them every day. So if I am running low on time I’ll upload them in batches.

I also have some new photography photos and a new photo project I’m working on, so keep an eye out for my post either tomorrow or later in the week as I announce my plans.



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