Day 3: Fennec Fox And The Abysmal Bismuth Stone!

#Art #Cartoon #Drawing #Illustration #APictureADay

Oh No! The Abysmal Bismuth Stone is Falling! Can Fennec Fox, Casey Cat and Oliver Owl grab it in time?!?


This is an illustration for a scene in my upcoming book. This is day three in my “A Picture A Day For A Year” challenge. This is hard, but so far I’m staying up on it. Let’s see if I can get through the week. I’m running low on sketchbook paper so I have to buy a new one. I didn’t plan this right lol. I decided this on a whim so I didn’t buy 365 pieces of sketchbook paper before starting. Silly me! XD

I haven’t been adding these pictures to my gallery yet because I’m going to organize the drawing and photography pages based on year.

Day 3 - Fennec and gang.jpg

Day 3 - Fennec Fox.jpg

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