Day 6: A Smug Pug With A Mug… On A Mug?!?!?! I HAVE A NEW STORE PAGE!

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Hello everyone! I am proud to announce my new Store page! And I’m giving away discounts! 😀

I created my very own Store with my art on their products. You can buy prints to hang my photographs on your wall, T-Shirts, or even coffee mugs! So I was inspired to do just that, and drew a Smug looking Pug With a Coffee Mug, and now, he is ON A MUG!

I have several other products and illustrations available for you to purchase, so take a look at the images below, or just click on that link above and check out my store page.

However, to kick things off… and because you are my loyal followers, I’M GIVING YOU ALL A 30% OFF DISCOUNT COUPON CODE!

Enter this code on checkout to take off 30% from the List Price: FCVNRY

That coupon code will last until the beginning of next month*

(There will be more sales in the future!)

*If you have any problems, send me an email!

ADDITIONALLY! I am having a simulations sale for a few of my nature photograph pictures as well for the next 4 days. That’s double the discounts!

Click on one of the below images to visit the discounted promotional store page.

Duck Silhouette Canvas Print

Swan Lake Canvas Print

Gorgeous Sunset Lake Canvas Print

Purchase one while supplies last! 😀

I am currently using a free subscription account which means I can only have a few items for sale at a time, so if you like what you see, help support me and I will upgrade to a premium membership in the future and add more items.

Like an image on my Viewbug page

Comment on one of your favorite pictures either on Viewbug or here and say “Pixels This!” and I’ll know to add it to my Pixels store. Since I can only have about 28 items or so, I will rotate them around every few weeks until I upgrade to a premium store account. Last but not least, if you Support me on Patreon I can now do promotional Coupon code giveaways, which means that you could win discounts or even free items!

Just read the tier details and join the appropriate tier for your chance to win. 🙂 

Have a custom design or illustration idea you would like me to create? Comment below and give me a suggestion, or send me an email on my Contact page and tell me what you would like to see and I will customly illustrate it for you.

From now on I will start designing and illustrating my personal projects with product placement in mind, so if I draw a character or something else I will try to make it look flashy and cool for a T-shirt design, bag, or Cellphone case. 😀

(I think I need a new logo design for 2017…)

Below are a few items currently for sale.

Original drawing.
Different colors are available!









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