Day 7: Fennec Fox And The Gang In Their Map Room + One Week Down!

#Art #Drawing #Illustration

I’ve officially completed one week with drawing #APictureADay ! Now to move on to week 2, phase 2: Operation Lightcaster!

This is SOOO HARD! Attempting to juggle work, life and drawing is quite the challenge, but I’ve been able to stay on top of it all so far for one full week. Here is the picture!


My studio is named after a group of characters in my flagship story, but at the moment, I don’t have too many pictures of them (other than a handful in my hand drawn art gallery). I want to start showing my brand. What is a Lightcaster? Who are the Lightcasters? What are they doing?

So next week I will start designing and illustrating new artwork to show off my original characters, the Lightcaster Order. I’ll attempt to draw them with T-shirt designs in mind.

I’ll continue to perfect my art style and attempt to hone my skills with better, higher quality art. These Lightcaster Illustrations will also be used for my four Patreon Tiers, to illustrate the visual upgrades and appearance of each member and their rank.



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