Day 8: Meet Zeph Exealous- The Lightcaster- Now And Then…

#ApictureADay #Art #Drawing #Illustration

What do you guys think of the 2009 vs 2017 comparison? 😛

So on my Patreon Page  I have different tiers with different names. The average person will not understand those tiers because…well… my book that features those names isn’t finished yet. :/

So in the meantime, I have decided to illustrate them for each tier. This is the one for the Sol-Keeper tier, the lowest rank in the Lightcaster order.

This picture is special because I drew it by hand, then colored it digitally.  ONE DOWN, THREE TIERS TO GO!



(Sol-Keeper’s normally wear white, but Zeph is special and his colors are… different…) 😉




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