Day 11: Meet Kynn Lightcaster + Timelapse Drawing

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Meet my flagship character, Kynn Lightcaster! This is the final drawing for my custom Patreon tiers.

It all started with a name, and an idea to make a character that I could consistently use for RPG games, specifically Square Enix. Here is the basic sketch that I started with. I normally share these with my Patrons, but at the moment, I have no Patrons! 😦

Since this is my flagship character, I’ll be sharing everything for this drawing to the public. 😀


Then I took a picture of it (like the above), uploaded it to my computer, and colored it digitally.


I loved RPGs growing up, so when I built this world I designed it as if it were a videogame. Giving my characters   personalities, roles and classes as if they were part of a grand adventure.

I then built the rest of the story around that name… Lightcaster. It evolved into an order of Cleric Priests, whose sole role was to hunt undead evil and slay demons. From there, I went to work on building supporting roles and characters to flesh out the rest of the team, a balanced cast of characters, each with a unique set of skills and abilities- Warrior, mage, thief, etc.

The main idea is to turn these characters into an animated series, but I first need to gain followers and get the idea out there. I’ll start with concept art, then re-write the story (originally it was going to be three books, but I decided to stretch it out to maybe six to include more backstory and explain the lore), then move on to a few animated shorts.

Anyways, since this character is special, I also went ahead and animated it. In total, this drawing/animation took me about 4 hours to complete from start to finish. 😛




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