Day 14: The Granzion Saga Short Story- Granzion’s Manor.

#ShortStory #Writing #art #illustration

Things are getting more complex as I progress! I have officially completed 2 weeks in the Picture A Day Challenge for a year!

I have decided to do a series of short stories and illustrate them with pictures! The King Granzion character was HEAVILY inspired by the Beowulf poem (you will see him tomorrow). Unlike other kings that just sit on a throne all day and bark orders, this king deals with problems in his land up close and personal, with his own hands.

Head on over to my Patreon Page to read the first chapter In The King’s tale (its is free and public). The second chapter and the next illustration will be posted tomorrow! Here is today’s picture. 🙂


You have no idea how long I stayed up working on these. It is supposed to be a picture a day, but I actually drew two of them today as the ideas began to flow. The above picture was a bit rushed, but I decided to save the more detailed picture for tomorrow to match the story (you’ll see why when I post it).

The story will either be four or five parts, it depends on how long the next few chapters are, and then after I finish King Granzion’s Saga I will move on to another character series or go back to doing simple daily illustrations (I need new ideas!).

I think you guys will really like tomorrow’s picture, so stay tuned! 😀


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