Day 16: Meet Your King! Granzion Slashes Into Battle!

#Art #Illustration #ShortStory #FantasyMedieval

Chapter 3 For My Short Story Is now Up! Read It Here On My Patreon!

I’ll put together a short bio summary of King Granzion after the short story ends. I have some new ideas for his armor! You see, this story I am writing now happens in the past (from my main plotline), so the armor design you are looking at now is old back when he was a young man. I will design new armor now because I don’t like the designs in my sketchbooks, and now that I have re-written the Battle Of The Windgod (for like the 3rd time!)  I have become inspired for some new armor designs, so I’ll get to work on that soon. Enjoy the story, and tell me your thoughts please! If you like it, give the post a like! 😀




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