Day 22: Kids At Play + Let’s not do this anymore?

#art #drawing #illustration

A drawing of a couple of kids playing at the park

Sooooo, a picture a day for a year is ridiculous lol. I have decided I’ll stop at the end of the month because I have other projects and animations I want to work on and finish, and there is no way I can draw a picture a day, animate, and work on other projects all at the same time, while keeping them up with a decent amount of quality.

I think that quality is better than quantity, so I want to work on making higher quality art. I’m really not happy with my current art style,  so I have been experimenting with different styles. If you look at my Lightcaster series of pictures they were kind of short and pudgy looking, I made Granzion’s slashing picture a bit taller and more serious. Then I was experimenting with Fennec Fox with a more kid illustration style of drawing.

I’ll take some time to work on my art style and reflect on what I’ve learned this month while doing the picture a day challenge. I also want to work on realistic face portraits so you will be seeing more of those as I practice. :/


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