Video Game Pixel Art Concept Animation Reel!

#art #animation #digital art #videogames #gamedesign

Remember that running and shooting GIF I made a few years ago? There was actually a whole lot more to it since I made an entire finished sprite sheet worth of animations.

I even drew the special effects for the smoke and explosions. I ended up stopping the project, so the sprite sheet has just been sitting there. Since the completed sprite sheet was just sitting, I decided to put it to good use and show off the animations by compiling it into a single video. There were more animations (like shooting the sniper rifle), but I decided not to include them because it was taking more time than I had wanted.

This was originally designed for a 2D side-scrolling action shooter video game that I was working on, but I suck at programming and decided to put the project on hold.

One day I’ll just hire a developer and finish the project. :/


SMG assault gif.gif



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