Meet Glory The Superhero

#art #illustration #drawing #superhero #design

Original character art I created for a graphic novel series I’m working on called Former Glory, this is the main character.

Meet Gloria Bjorn, a woman born with incredible powers to manipulate and absorb energy. In this world, these superpowered beings are known as Sensitives, and the government has created a special task force to use them on the battlefield… except… things go horribly wrong…

This is a Superhero story that was inspired by the movie The Watchmen. It is a darker story, that explores what it is like to be a superhero on a day to day basis and how it mentally and emotionally affects the hero over time. The story follows several heroes and their adventures over the years, and how the job of “saving the day” starts to take its toll on them… especially when they don’t always save the day…

This is the story of Superheros… and their Former Glory




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