Long Time No See… But I’m Back!

#art #drawing #markers #handdrawn #cartoon

Bonjour my beautiful followers!

I’ve been away for awhile. A little bit of it was because I was traveling, a whole lot of it was working, and a large chunk of it was simply lack of inspiration…

However… I bought a new camera that uses 35mm film and I am learning how to develop it myself, so I’ll be sharing how that goes in the near future.

I also bought some new art supplies and decided to switch from color pencils to alcohol based markers because I heard a lot of good things about them. I tried these Ohuhu Markers from Amazon, so far I like them a lot. I really wanted Copics, but those things are hella expensive. Anyways, enough talking. Below is some of my original art, so take a look. See you soon!


08031700100805172343a0808171849Phatan Macleode 2017

Sorry for the potato quality images, I had to use a cheap digital camera and my cellphone. 😦


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