Video Game Pixel Art Concept Animation Reel!

#art #animation #digital art #videogames #gamedesign

Remember that running and shooting GIF I made a few years ago? There was actually a whole lot more to it since I made an entire finished sprite sheet worth of animations.

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The Dancing Queen Complete + Celebrating Black History

#Blackhistorymonth #africanAmerican #art #drawing #illustration

Finally colored this one in. The design was based on many different African cultures to create the crown and dress pattern. 🙂

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Take A Look At My New Designs And Clothing Options!

Introducing my Redbubble webstore, with more products, clothing options, and home decoration designs!

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Day 31: Completing The Picture A Day Challenge

#Art #illustration #drawing

Calling it close! But I had to rush this one to get it done on time… it is 11:50 PM, this still counts! D=

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Day 29: The World’s Greatest Swordsman Strikes Back!

#Art #Illustration #Drawing #cartoon #anime

‘Fire… The Universal purifying force. The one element that can purge the darkest of nights, and cleanse the blackest of souls…’ 

Shine On Lightcasters!

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