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My name is Ash. I am a creative artist that makes characters, concept art, designs, logos and animations. I love to write and create a large variety of different content, ranging from goofy cartoons to semi-realistic facial portraits.

~Want a custom logo or art piece?~

I’ll take the ideas floating around in your head and make them come to life with a visual illustration! I have art, animation samples and logos that you can view on the main page of my website that you can use for reference to see what I’ve made in the past.

Don’t know what you want? No problem!

I’ll be creative and make something up for you, just give me a basic description to work with such as “A logo for my company” and tell me the name of your business, I’ll get to work from there!

Please use the below form to contact me.

Accepting Art Commissions!

Commission Contact Form:

*Let me know if you need the commission completed by a specific date.