Faber-Castell 24ct Triangular Colored EcoPencils Review

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I’ve been away for a while working on other projects, but today I wanted to write a review for the¬†Faber-Castell 24ct Triangular Colored EcoPencils, the ones with that cute little Koala on the pack.

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Meet Glory The Superhero

#art #illustration #drawing #superhero #design

Original character art I created for a graphic novel series I’m working on called Former Glory, this is the main character.

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~Former Glory: Superhero Art Gallery~

A collection of art for my Superhero story, Former Glory. I started this as a roleplay to start the idea and develop the rest of the world, then moved on to writing out more backstory to flush out the plot. I’m still deciding if I want it to be a novel, a graphic novel, or a comic series.

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Day 7: Fennec Fox And The Gang In Their Map Room + One Week Down!

#Art #Drawing #Illustration

I’ve officially completed one week with drawing #APictureADay ! Now to move on to week 2, phase 2: Operation Lightcaster!

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Day 3: Fennec Fox And The Abysmal Bismuth Stone!

#Art #Cartoon #Drawing #Illustration #APictureADay

Oh No! The Abysmal Bismuth Stone is Falling! Can Fennec Fox, Casey Cat and Oliver Owl grab it in time?!?

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Original Character: “The World’s Greatest Swordsman”

#Art #sketch #drawing #Illustration

Concept art of my original character: Omni Excel. This is a character for my fantasy adventure book series. Support me on Patreon to see more! I’ve decided to write small character bios on Patreon to tell a little about each character.

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A Group Of Random Pikachus Appeared!

#Pokemon #Art #Drawing #Pikachu #PokemonAnneversary

Apparently this year is Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary, so I drew this for fun. :3

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Drawing Asuka From Evangelion

#Anime #Art #Drawing #Illustration #Sketch

Asuka Langley Soryu from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Make sure to watch the video as well!

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