Absence… From Concept To Completion…

#art #illustration #drawing #Love #heartbreak

I’ve been gone for awhile because I’m working on several projects right now so I may not post anything new on a regular basis. However,  here is my latest work of art… See how I drew it all in the video down below, from concept to completion.

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Day 24: King Granzion Shadow Armor Concept

#Art #Illustration #Design #FantasyMedieval

I redrew the slashing Granzion picture to put him in his shadow armor. Check out the before and after pictures!

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~Former Glory: Superhero Art Gallery~

A collection of art for my Superhero story, Former Glory. I started this as a roleplay to start the idea and develop the rest of the world, then moved on to writing out more backstory to flush out the plot. I’m still deciding if I want it to be a novel, a graphic novel, or a comic series.

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Day 3: Fennec Fox And The Abysmal Bismuth Stone!

#Art #Cartoon #Drawing #Illustration #APictureADay

Oh No! The Abysmal Bismuth Stone is Falling! Can Fennec Fox, Casey Cat and Oliver Owl grab it in time?!?

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Special Dance Animation Sneak Peek!

#Art #Animation #Drawing #Illustration

If you go to my Patreon page you can see special animations and drawings that I haven’t posted anywhere else.

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Original Character Art: Laynova Tyreene

#Art #Sketch #colorpencils #Illustration #Drawing #ConceptArt

I decided to get back into hand drawn art, so I bought some color pencils and ink pens. I just finished this one last night. Expect to see a lot more of this character in the future. :3

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