My Week Got Me Like….

#Art #stress #animation #GIF #drawing #illustration

This week was definitely challenging and I had a lot of tasks to get through at work (which I completed!).

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Day 21: Glory Street Action + Animation? :o

Yet another animated gif… but this one is of a bit higher quality than the last few. 😉

#Gif #animation #art #illustration

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Special Dance Animation Sneak Peek!

#Art #Animation #Drawing #Illustration

If you go to my Patreon page you can see special animations and drawings that I haven’t posted anywhere else.

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A few old pictures, and the Legendary tales…

Some old banners and pictures I found from several years ago. I used to run a roleplay site called Legendary Tales, one of the banners and the two elf pictures were made for that story and website. The other two banners were made for my superhero roleplay site, Former Glory. I have added these pictures to both my logos and banners page, and my digital art galleries.

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